Q & A 5: Talk about a character in comics that you have a little crush on.

In Q & A, a semi-regular feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question ā€” then open the floor to comments.

Talk about a character in comics that you have a little crush on.


In terms of fandom crushes, I’ve a type. Brilliant, damaged jerks. Think Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica), Gregory House (House M.D.), Bruce Wayne (Batman).

Tony Stark. He’s a genius. He’s an alcoholic. He’s a womanizer. But I am drawn to this type because it all makes him complicated. Tony is flawed. He decided to be a hero to make up for that, for his mistakes, his shortcomings. He’s not a White Knight; he’s arrogant to a fault. But he never stops trying to do and be better.

I was out shopping this past weekend and I wanted an Iron Man t-shirt. There were 8 different styles in the Boys’ section, but they were all overtly pro-military, I’d say pro-war. The worst featured Iron Man with a tank behind him and the words Heavy Metal. I didn’t (couldn’t) buy any of them. That was not my Iron Man. Not my Tony Stark. My Tony Stark is a brilliant, damaged jerk. But he is not a warmonger. He is Iron Man.


Hal Jordan. Neal Adams’ art is entirely to blame for this crush. Because even if you disregard the totally awesome costume, and that determined-yet-conflicted man-on-a-mission-if-I-was-only-sure-what-my-mission-was attitude. . .well, you’ve still got this.


Jennifer was away for the first part of this week, but she’s posted her answer in the comments.


Well. I don’t ever really want to meet her, because she’s homicidally deranged with a massive disregard for her own life, but Rachel Grey always heads my list. In fact, I pretty much don’t want to meet any of my fictional character crush-objects. Their lives are too exciting, and the characters are damaged people with massive emotional issues. But, omg, hot. Possibly even hawt, were I to stoop to that. Rachel is pig-headed and cynical while constantly managing to pull heroism out of a thin air. She has no reason to still be heroic — none at all — but she tries anyway. Too stubborn-stupid to lay down and die. And, for for the record, she’s hot.


What about you? What character in comics do you have a little crush on?

  • Dan

    In no particular order:

    1. Kitty Pryde–between the brains and the spunk, what’s not to like?

    2. Barbara Gordon–as smart as, if not smarter than, Kitty. She had the strength of will to (a) become Batgirl in the first place, and (b) not let the Joker’s bullet stop her in her war against crime. Plus, she’s a redhead!

    3. Rachel Grey–also a redhead and, like Sigrid said, homicidal and deranged are hot.

  • For whatever reason, it is Kitty Pryde for me. I blame Brian Michael Bendis for writing her so great in Ultimate Spider-Man. She’s the kind of girl that I would have had a crush on in high school. Then I started reading Astonishing X-Men and Joss Whedon managed to deepen my crush for her. Hopefully she will return soon to the Marvel universe. I was very sad at the end of Astonishing.

  • Should I pull a fast one and say Luke Cage? haha

    Being a guy I’m kind of in a weird spot because I’m not sure how to gauge such a decision. I mean, 99.9% of comic book women are drawn in such a way that if they were real people us guys would be drooling non-stop.

    Nevertheless, I’d have to say I have a crush on Ms. Marvel. She’s a powerful woman with more problems then you’d like to imagine and it’s her realistic self that makes her so attractive to me. She’s a wholesome person fighting for good but still can’t manage to keep her personal life in balance. Call me a sucker for out-of-balance women, but she hits the nail on the head for me.

  • sigrid

    @Mike Rapin I seriously like Carol Danvers, too. I’m trying to talk my friend into making the lead singer of our Rock Band 2 band, “The Starjammers,” to be Carol Danvers. (We have Corsair on drums and Rachel on bass.)

  • It’s all about Barbara Gordon. Girl detectives, man.

    Oh, and Zatanna. Harry Potter voice: “I love magic!”

  • Margot

    Nightwing. I mean, what is not to like about him? He’s a fabulous leader, incredibly confident, does the right thing, protects his friends and family, is smart, and likes redheads. Plus, he’s the first and best former sidekick. (Plus, daddy issues. I have a *thing*, okay?) And as much as I love him, he isn’t perfect. He still has serious flaws, which he is always trying to overcome so that he can be *better*

    (And he canonically has the best ass in the DCU. I mean. Yum. *is shallow*)

  • @Sigrid ā€” Oh my. That would be a killer band. Please tell me you have Jubilee on bass. haha

  • Ohh, crushes!

    Scott Summers – Smart. Loyal. Clean-cut and In Charge. Parental Issues. DAMAGED and wonderful.

    Julian Keller – Smart. Loyal. Clean-cut and In Charge. Parental Issues. Arrogant but with a heart.

    Hank McCoy – Brilliant. Loyal. Big blue lion. Monstrous-but-gentle gets me every time.

    I love these topics :)

  • Caia

    Crushes–oh dear.

    Mockingbird: Something about the staff, and the sleeves, and the blonde secret-agent-ness.

    Skyrocket: She’s what would have happened if Hal Jordan and Steve Rogers had had a baby who was a black woman. And, um, really hot.

    Oh, and of course Sam Wilson, but all you Fantastic Fangirls knew that. šŸ˜€

  • Chilly

    The weird thing is, I can pretty much take or leave all those freaky-bodied spandex-wearing super women of comics that I’m supposed to be drooling over. I mean, do I like Caitlin Fairchild? Heck yeah. Jenny Sparks? Definitely. (Not so much Jenny Quantum…)

    But the one comic book character that I have a huge crush on, I must admit, is Midnighter. He’s a total bastard and makes no apologies for it. He does what needs to be done, no matter the consequences. And, you know, there’s the leather outfit. :)
    I suppose I’d better re-examine my supposed sexual orientation…

    Oh wait. Willow. Yeah, there’s Willow. A woman of conflict and division. She’s so unsure of herself and unobtrusive and quiet. Until she isn’t. And possibly crazy. I apparently can’t resist the crazy hotness. Better if I never meet Rachel Grey…

  • Jo

    Just from comics? I don’t know if I have a type, but here goes:

    1. Emma Frost. I love how she can be cold, calculating, yet sexy and hot all at once. Plus, she’s vulnerable (though she won’t admit it) and actually cares for people (though she hates admitting that, too).

    2. Scott Summers. He’s the boyscout who isn’t really the boyscout that people think that he is. People underestimate him a lot, which is really intriguing to me. Oh, and also hot.

    3. Dick Grayson. How can you not love Nightwing? He’s less angsty than Tim Drake/Robin, less broody than Bruce Wayne/Batman, and more fun — yet he still has ISSUES. He sleeps around (but it’s only because he really cares for the girl, unlike Bruce) and he has the best ass in the DCU – it’s canon now. *L*

    4. Koriand’r/Starfire. Cheesecake? Maybe. I don’t care. Kory is hot, strong, and sweet. My first girl!crush in comics, too.

    5. Rogue (only in the 90’s, though). Sexy outfits, flirty nature, vulnerable side, forbidden. And angst. Top that with Jim Lee’s art, and you have my first Marvel girl!crush.

    6. Remy LeBeau/Gambit (only in the 90’s, though). Charming, dark past, and in love with Rogue. A patient guy, too, considering they can’t touch! I’m a sucker for star-crossed lovers.

  • Twyst

    I’m on board with Anika here. Tony all the way. There are plenty of parings that i like, but no one else “for me”. haha. ugh.

  • Caroline picked a non-Summers?! My mind is blown šŸ˜‰

    My weird pick is Pete Wisdom — the suit, the accent, etc. My predictable pick is Scott Summers — all that hair!

  • Wired

    Girl: Aleph. She’s always drawn as hot, but also she’s a netwalker, a multi-tasker. I want to be worth the fraction of her attention I would get.

    Boy: Tony is indeed hot, but I think I’d rather be with Hank McCoy. He’s still smart, but he has a tender heart.

    That said, I started reading Iron Man because of the scene in She-Hulk where she sleeps with him. Rawr.

  • lilacsigil

    Oracle without a doubt (though, if there was a boy on the list it would be Hank McCoy). Sigrid is right, though – most of these characters live in such extreme situations that their already extraordinary personalities do become rather extreme and they might not be much fun as partners!

  • handyhunter

    Scott Summers! I like that he’s a good leader most of the time (competence is sexy! even during times of uncertainty in oneself), and while he’s able to make tactical decisions while on the job, he doesn’t have the same confidence in his personal relationships, until he knows where he stands with the other person. And I love that he likes Dazzler’s music and isn’t afraid to admit it. And that he runs away to join a shrimp boat when things get too difficult to stay.

  • st_aurafina

    Miranda Zero from Global Frequency. Even before she was played by Michelle Forbes. Making up for past mistakes by running a giant philanthropic rescue agency. Guh.

  • Sorry I missed posting, guys.

    My answer would have been what appears to be a (surprisingly!) popular answer in these corners: Scott Summers. Hot, moral, totally competent yet still insecure in many ways, and a complete screw-up who nonetheless always, always tries to do the right thing. I like the good guys – or at least the guys who try their best to be good. And did I mention he’s hot?

    That said, I also believe Hank McCoy would make the perfect boyfriend if not for all that blue fur, and my history of love for blond teen idol types gives me some affection for Warren Worthington III, who even manages to pull off the blue look.

    So maybe I just have an original X-boys (minus Bobby) thing.