Q&A 39 What’s your favorite comic-book vacation destination?

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What’s your favorite comic-book vacation destination?


My first thought was that this question is clearly an excuse for us to post absurd pictures of comic characters in swim suits. My second thought was that most superheroes don’t go ON vacation, and when they do, the supervillains end up following, hijinks ensue and — well, that could be fun. But it’s not exactly a destination. My third thought was Duh. Themyscira!

It’s hidden. It’s beautiful. It’s seeped in history. It’s populated by warrior women. Who ride kangaroos. And I’d get to fly in an INVISIBLE AIRPLANE to get there.

Yes. Themyscira.


I totally made fun of the Uncanny X-Men storyline where Cyclops and Emma went on vacation in the Savage Land, but then I thought about it. This is an isolated out-of-the-way place (a hidden prehistoric tropical paradise buried next to a volcano in Antarctica!), so it’s a great place to get away from the pressures of the world. Plus, there are dinosaurs running around — and that’s awesome! — and since you’re in the light of an artificial sun, totally no negative UV effect on your skin. (Well, we’ll pretend!) And then scantily clad, physically perfect people of either gender keep showing up to save the day. What’s not to like?

I’m still not convinced pampered, fashion-conscious Emma would want to vacation that far from a spa, but sometimes it’s good to try something different.


Vacation? Well, forget the Big Two universes — wherever I went, I’m sure superpowered death and destruction would follow. Vacations are for relaxing, and I can’t imagine that the denizens of the Marvel U or the DCU ever relax.

So with those two worlds ruled out, where do I go? I’m not really an outdoorsy person, or a spa/cruise person, or a beach person. When I take vacations, I like to experience culture. Historical sites, museums, live theater, nice restaurants — that’s my idea of fun. So why not plan an extended, luxurious visit to my favorite city in the world — New York? But not just any New York. Since this is comics New York, I choose the New York City that contains the enclave of Fabletown, from Bill Willingham’s Fables. Sure, I’m a mundy (or am I?), but if I could somehow find a way onto Bullfinch Street, I’d be thrilled. I’d visit Cinderella’s shoe shop, get snacks from Edward Bear’s Candy, eat lunch at the “I am the Eggman” Diner, and maybe even check out a nice wardrobe at Lewis Antiques. And if I managed to catch sight of Snow White or Bigby Wolf or Prince Charming on the street, well, it’d certainly be a lot more exciting than spotting the Naked Cowboy.


Well. I’m a geek, and a dork. And I love — really, passionately love — history. When I’m into a history book I recite History Facts to those around me for days. (The most recent book was a biography of Marco Polo. Did you know he spent a year recovering from opium addiction while in the mountains of Kazakhstan?) So my idea of a great vacation is a place with museums, and science, and history, and weight.

I want to vacation in the Blue Area of the Moon. The science, the archaeology, the sense of history, the xenology. Not to mention the quiet moment of memorial, the minute of silence on a street in an alien city, near a dis-used energy weapon. I’d take a day to find that spot, and stand near the blackened mark on the pavement and say a quiet thank you to Jean, and the Phoenix, for all the good they’ve done. For every time they’ve saved the universe. Even — no, especially — all the times they saved it from themselves. And I’d give a wish that Jean’d be back again, sometime soon.

What’s your favorite comic-book vacation destination?

  • Space. Somewhere in the Marvel U space, there has to be something awesome. Attilan is all … battlemode right now, or whatever, so i guess that is out, but if TIME is also no problem, I would go to Attilan when it was on the moon.

  • Sigrid

    @Anika THEMYSCIRA. Dude. I should vacation there. :ahem:

    @Caroline I would like the Savage Land more if it came with airconditioning and mosquito netting.

    @Jennifer I would fret about running into a malevolent Fable, you know? Of course, presuming I noticed I was anywhere odd or different. I’m pretty sure Frau Totenkinder and the rest of the 13th Floor would prevent me from noticing anything unusual.

  • @Sigrid See, I thought about bad things happening, but then I realized that comparatively not a lot of bad happens in Fabletown — years go by without incident between the Big Events, since the characters are ageless. I just have to go during a lull!

  • @Jennifer: I’m coming with you to Fabletown. And up to The Farm, too, to meet with the more colourful characters.

    I’d love to visit Harry’s in Westchester County, NY. I mean, if it’s still standing. You never know these days. That are Smallville as drawn by Francis Manapul. Dang, that place looks gloriously chill and sweet with the illustrative brushstrokes and the watercolour washes.