Q&A 37 What new project would you love to hear announced at Comic-Con this year? Reality is not an obstacle!

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What new project would you love to hear announced at Comic-Con this year? Reality is not an obstacle!


I am current with only four comics at the moment (and two of four have barely begun). Exiles, which really can’t be improved upon; Ms. Marvel, which I begrudgingly continue to enjoy; Red Robin, which I am unsurprisingly sort of in love with (Tim Drake acting like Anakin Skywalker? Adores!); and Teen Titans, which….is a train wreck I can’t seem to give up. I’ve mentioned before, the Titans are my team. I love them, no matter what. But the current title, and more to the point, the current team are a disaster (I relate the various incarnations of the Titans to various incarnations of Star Trek here. The current maybe well-meaning but actually cringe-worthy group is Enterprise). Wonder Girl Cassie is the only one left I really care about at all (and I think that opinion puts me on the opposite side of fandom, where she is generally reviled) and the funny part is where Cassie herself agrees with me. She feels just as disconnected from all of them as I do, and still pines for the days when she had her real friends on the team. As I do.

So this is what I want — kill Teen Titans (NOT the Teen Titans, mind you, there have been – and will be – enough deaths, thank you very much, and with everyone coming back now it feels even more like a cheap gimmick in place of character development. I mean kill the title) and replace it with a new and improved Young Justice. Wonder Girl, Red Robin, Superboy and Kid Flash. They are all slowly meeting up in various titles, they are all going through STUFF as they deal with the repercussions of everything that is going on in the DCU. This is the logical progression — let them deal with it together.


Caroline is on vacation this week.


We all know that Captain America is coming back, right? And we know that his last big conflict before he died was the Civil War crossover, which largely boiled down to a fight with one of his best and oldest friends, Iron Man. Iron Man, meanwhile, has been through quite a lot himself in the aftermath of that war and Cap’s death. So when they inevitably meet again, it’s sure to be a complicated mess of emotions and issues, and that moment is something I’m eagerly anticipating.

But, despite the inevitability, such a scene hasn’t actually been written yet, so I still have the power to imagine it. And in my wildest imaginations, this reunion would be carried out in a 4-issue miniseries cowritten by the characters’ current caretakers: Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. Each man is a brilliant writer in his own right, with a very firm grasp of the character he’s been writing, but together — as witnessed in the pages of Immortal Iron Fist — they’re an unstoppable powerhouse. Reunite them with Iron Fist collaborator David Aja, whose dreamy pencils are well-suited for both fight scenes and emotional beats, and you’d make at least one fangirl very, very happy.


Reality is not an object? Okay then, I want The Phoenix Corps.

I didn’t come up with this, I think Caroline did? Anyway, the Fantastic Fangirls have been talking about this hypothetical project for so long I sometimes forget it’s never been written. The Phoenix Corps would not really be like the Green Lantern Corps — let’s be clear on that. The GL Corps is a group devoted to protecting worlds, more or less? Space cops, if I get the gist? Serve and protect? The Phoenix Corps, if I had my way, would be more . . . proactive. They would travel through space seeking out wrongs to redress, punishing those who prey on the weak. The Phoenix Corps would seek out the forgotten and cast-off, they would aid those who no longer bother to cry for help. This is not a randomly chosen assignment, not at all. The Phoenix Corps’ mission is based on its members — the discarded, abandoned, ill-done-by, or generally screwed-up women of the extended X-clan. I propose that the Phoenix Corps consist of Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff, Lorna Dane, Rachel Grey, and Laura Kinney, all imbued with the power and mentality of the Phoenix Force. (Since we know from Phoenix: Endsong and Warsong that the Phoenix does posses hosts other than the ever-tasty Grey family.) And their first mission would be to go rescue Kitty Pryde.

I’d like The Phoenix Corps to be an ongoing series, obviously, but I’d take a nice limited. Maybe two limiteds, six issues each. Co-written by Greg Rucka and Matt Fraction, with art by Adrian Alphona and colors by Laura Martin, letters by Chris Eliopolous. That’s what I want to hear announced at some comic-con this year. Preferably Baltimore, because I’ll be at that con, and I could squee in paroxysms of delight in person.

What new project would you love to hear announced at Comic-Con this year?

  • Dan

    @Anika I haven’t picked up an issue of TEEN TITANS since One Year Later. I loved the book when it was Tim, Bart, Kon, and Cassie, with Vic, Gar, and Kory acting as mentors.

    @Jennifer Personally, I’d rather see LUKE CAGE & DANNY RAND: SUPERHERO DADDIES…but, I’ll take a Steve/Danny mini, too.

    @Sigrid The mind boggles…

    As for me? First, I want DC to announce that Bruce is coming back and taking up the cape and cowl again. Then, I want Marvel to announce that Kitty is coming back. I wouldn’t mind Whedon and Cassaday getting another X-title…even if it was just a mini.

  • sigrid

    @Dan The mind TOTALLY BOGGLES. Think of the havoc they would wreak. Think of the interpersonal dynamics and squabbling. Think of the mentoring and lessons in ethics. Think of the preemptive justice!!

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  • I SECOND ALL OF THESE. Especially bringing back Young Justice. WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the Phoenix Corps, because that totally exists.

    OTOH, my dream project is still the announcement of League of Batgirls, in which Babs and Helena decide that they should mentor all of the next generation of teen superheroines. Steph, Cass and Charlie form the core team.

    They also compete with the League of teenage blonde superheroines, which is run by Power Girl, Black Canary and Linda Danvers. (Yes, I know that two of them aren’t naturally blonde.) That team consists of Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Stargirl Speedy, and Arrowette. It would be AMAZING.

  • Anika

    @Dan Yeah, I hear that a lot. It’s sad when I am the only one still reading. I think this preview for October’s issue says it all: “Guest-starring Beast Boy and Raven! With the Teen Titans unraveling at the seams, two former members must return to Titans Tower to help Wonder Girl right the sinking ship! If only it were that easy…”


  • Sam

    @Anika Well, you know I agree with you. How much would I love Bart, Kon, and Tim having their own titles AND a new Young Justice to read? A LOT, that’s how much! I think it would be awesome, and there would be a great opportunity to show character development with how they related to each other NOW, after all this stuff has happened to them.

  • Anika

    @Sam Exactly!! I am even willing to let the rest of the current fake Titans stay with their sinking ship. I am feeling more magnanimous this morning.

    And @Sigrid My husband says the Phoenix Corps should work where only one can be full on Phoenix powerful at once, but it rotates based on what the situation is, who’s other abilities are most useful. He also thinks it is one of the best comic ideas he’s heard in a long while.

  • @Dan Oh, I would be ALL for a Luke/Danny fatherhood series. That would make my year. (And did you really mean Steve/Danny? Because that’s so random I kind of want to see it now.)

    @Sigrid @Margot I think the moral of this story is “teams of girls kicking ass would be awesome.” I concur.

  • sigrid

    @Margot @Jennifer Clearly, girl teams kick ass.

    @Anika Ooooh, tell him that’s an even BETTER idea! The rotating Phoenix Force would add all sorts of complications and urgency . . .

  • @Anika Did you see the interview with the new writer of Teen Titans? It made me sad. Which sucks, because I really want to support her, but it looks like the book will just continue to be… not so great. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

    (I also cannot stop reading it. The Titans is my team! I must read on.)

  • Dan

    @Jennifer I did…but, only because I got my Irons confused. One’s immortal..one’s invincible…it’s an honest mistake.

  • Announcements;

    – Immortal Iron Fist is not actually canceled, but will come back after Immortal Weapons as Immortal Iron Fist AND The Immortal Weapons, with Ed Brubaker, Matt Fracton and David Aja, and will go on no matter the sales!

    – Captain Britain and MI:13 was canceled so Captain Britain would have once again a solo title, written by Alan Moore.

    – Oddly enough, I think a great story would be “The Death of the Punisher”. I think he’s a great character, but it’s uncanny that someone who has no powers whatsoever, it’s hellbent on killing everyone and doesn’t care about his body has been alive for so long. I think Frank deserves a fitting swan song.

  • @Dan I’m imagining Tony Stark as an Iron Fist now, and it’s… kind of hilarious. He would be AWFUL at it. All that subservience and sharing and meditation.

    @euthanatos I think there’s still hope for Iron Fist after the mini — fingers crossed!

  • Anika

    @Margot No, I don’t think so? I am not really surprised. They seem hell-bent on this “we couldn’t hold a team together if our lives depended on it — oh wait! they DO” plot line. I want a SAVE CASSIE t-shirt.

    I’m glad you understand.

  • Oh, I knew this one would get a good response (and oops, I meant to contribute “Heroes on their Downtime” by Geoff Johns, before I left. I mean, if “Marvel Divas” can be all about C-list heroines shopping and talking about boys, why not a book where *A-list* male heroes go to baseball games and bitch about their lovelives, fistfight for no reason, and catch up on the movies that came out when they were dead?)

  • i got to see ep 1 of the motion comic for Spider-Woman, so that was awesome, but we are forgetting:

    Carol Danvers as winner of the Battle for the Cowl 😉
    I would like this.

    My artist friend Joe (@NgBoy) has been super busy, but will do a sketch when he has time 😀

  • Luna

    Young Justice back? Yes!
    Pheonix Corps? Saving Kitty? Squeeeee!!! That would just be…. pleeease, yes! I love it!
    Anything to give Kitty and Rachel good screen time makes me very happy. :)